If you need to calm down a good way is simply to walk by the sea or in the countryside. Try to notice any trifles around: leaves of the trees, buds on the bushes, flowers coming out and wonderful snowflakes. Just see how grass is turning greener or how the clouds are flowing in the sky.

Clear your mind. Imagine you have no worries and troubles. Be aware of only sights, forms and colours around you. Feel the smell of grass or sea. Sometimes a person can feel uncomfortable going to walk alone, so he can take a friend with him. In this case do not waste your time talking, but just enjoy the world around you together.

If you usually spare your free time thinking about something or worrying, try to find some other activities, which you can enjoy. For example, you can learn to play a musical instrument or draw a picture. Try to explore your creativity. If you haven’t done anything of this kind before, it is right a time to find a pleasant thing for you. Doing this you’ll free your mind from all worries and will enjoy your life.